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Miss Anne's Daycare Curriculum

As the educator of varied ages in my home, I offer a setting that provides the sense of security a child receives from a home environment by always having the same person caring for them;  I believe this helps a child learn to trust others and develop secure attachments with important people in their lives. My setting also fosters a child's ability to play and interact with other children of various ages, and provides educational structure and plans in a more relaxed and perhaps more unique environment than might be possible elsewhere due to my location, interest and enrollment size.

On any given day, my assistants and I have multiple duties as educators, caregivers, child development specialists, nutritionists, and social workers, all the while adjusting to the changing interests and abilities of each child. In my curriculum, I teach all age-appropriate aspects of language, number sense, patterns and relations, shapes and spatial sense, earth science, living things and their environment, physical sciences, technology, history and social science, health education, physical development, social and emotional health, movement and dance, music, theater arts, and visual arts.

Some of the ways the children learn and grow are through painting, writing, story telling, biking, strolls in the parklands, dramatic play, singing, use of rhythmic instruments, moving to different types of music, and discussion with practice on safety. The children also learn self-help skills, experience good nutrition in meals and snacks, explore properties of objects, observe seasonal changes and the weather and how they affect living things,  explore the environment with the five senses, and listen to, recite, sing and dramatize literature.

Unique opportunities for learning under my guidance include healthy physical activities such as biking (not only outside but sometimes inside, too) and indoor and outdoor swings; exposure to live animals to learn about handling and caring for them; and as enrollment permits, special outings to libraries, museums, the zoo, various local playgrounds, rail trails and state parks.  Moreover, I am an advocate for getting outside at least once a day on most days of the year. The only time we don't go out is if it is extraordinarily cold, otherwise, rain, snow, hot or cold, out we go!

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