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How I Came to Be A Child Care Provider

I have taken a long winding path to become a child care provider with my own playschool, but now that I am here I am confident that this is my calling.  It brings me great joy to be making a difference in the lives of very young children. I'd like to share this anonymously written poem that is a tribute to the importance and dedication to my profession.

The Childcare Provider

Although I'm not their mother, I care for them each day.
I cuddle, sing, and read to them, and watch them as they play.

I see each new accomplishment, and help them grow and learn,
I understand their language, and I listen with concern.

They come to me for comfort, and I kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers!

No, I am not their mother, but my role is just as strong.
I nurture them and keep them safe, though maybe not for long.

I know someday the time may come, when we will have to part,
But I know each child I've cared for is forever in my heart!

          Children have always been central to my life, first as a mother of three and then with several teacher-aide positions and years of child care in my former residence in NH, so child care is not new to me. But having had the opportunity twelve years ago to create a new environment in which to offer a unique, low pressure, individualized program in my own home with a spacious back yard for children is something I am very proud of.  My playschool is for parents looking for consistency from constant care-givers,  a family-like environment, a low adult-child ratio, and a multi-age blend, plus unique experiences in addition to traditional expectations for curriculum and social development for their child. Please view my education specific to early education and care. I have also completed five years of college in unrelated fields. HOME